Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Aladine IZink Textile Paint - Product Review

Hi there, Birgit here!

Today I want to share with you some of my experiences with IZink Textile Dye and Paint from the French manufacturer Aladine.

I have been working a lot with the IZink acrylic inks from Aladine over the last year and I loved them, but I never used their textile paints before. I had them sitting on my table for quite some while and now it was time to sit down and experiment!

First thing I noticed about these paints was that they have the same bright, vibrant colors as the acrylic inks, which I love!

 I got to play with a large range of colors, both the Teinture (dye) and Peinture (paint).

I also got some sets of foam brayers and accessories (a kit containing 3 different bottle tops to use for stenciling, stamping and drawing/writing and a spare bottle.)
Also available are specialty fabric stamping inks which I didn’t have available.

The only fabric I had on hand to work with was off white canvas. I love the texture of that but I was a little bit concerned that it would make the colors look dirty. That wasn’t the case; the colors are opaque enough to still be bright and vibrant on the gray fabric.

I first dyed the canvas with the foam brayer. This makes the dye soak into the fabric and create a nice cover. I was amazed that I didn’t need more paint but it seems like one bottle goes a long way. The dye smells a little but it is not a bad smell and certainly not irritating.
And then I had to wait.  It takes 3 to 6 hours for the fabric to dry. That was hard on me as I am not the most patient person J But I found out that I could speed that up a little by hanging the fabric in front or even over the central heating. I also found out that after stenciling and stamping, where the fabric doesn’t get as soaked, there is nothing wrong with using a heat tool.

When the background was dry I started stamping and stenciling and here is where the accessories kit comes in. You can change out the lids on the paint bottles.

Put the desired lid on the bottle and keep the bottle up side down, squeeze the bottle a little until you see the paint floating into the sponge, then dap until the whole sponge it filled with paint. There is one with a flat, circle shaped sponge that can be used for stenciling.

The second is a triangle shaped sponge that can be used either to paint directly on the fabric or to apply the paint to stamps, it works just like a stamp pad and make it easy to apply the paint evenly to the stamp. It worked great with rubber, foam and clear stamps.

 The 3rd lid is a small tip that allows you to paint, draw and add little dots.

I worked in layers and made sure to dry the different layers in between because I didn’t want my paints to mix. This keeps the colors bright and crisp.

Although the sponges were quite wet, I was amazed that the paint didn’t run under the stencils more, even though I didn’t work very precise and the fabric was not completely flat.

To clean the brayers and sponges I just held them under hand warm running water and squeezed the sponges until the water stayed clear. This worked really well, the sponges were clean in no time and after drying could be used over and over again.
On the packaging of the accessories kit it says that the spare bottle is meant to clean the sponge lids. You have to add water and then dap until the water stays clear but I preferred holding them under running water, which was way faster.

In my opinion it would have been great if there had been an extra normal closing lid in the kit. I would have loved to mix my own colors in the bottles and being able to close the bottles and store them.

After some little experiments I worked on a larger piece of fabric and I really love the result!
When the fabric is completely dry you can iron it to fixate. After ironing, the fabric can be washed at 40*C. I used the fabric to cover a mini album:

-          * Wonderful, bright colors that keep their vibrancy even on not completely white fabric.
-             1 bottle goes a long way, so good value for your money.
-          * Easy to work with, the accessory kit is a great addition!
-          * The drying time is quite long but can be speeded up by hanging the fabric in front of a heater or using
        a heat tool. This does not affect the colors.
-          * The tools are quick and easy to clean with hand warm water and can be used numerous times.
-          *  I missed an extra lid in the kit, which would have made it possible to mix my own colors.
-          *  It would also be great if there would be a lid that closes the sponge lids. Not so much to store the 
         bottles like this but if you have to leave your project for a short time it would be nice if you don’t 
         have to clean the sponges all the time.

All together this is a product that I really loved working with and that I definitely want to explore more. I absolutely recommend these textile dyes and paints for any project you have in mind using fabric!

Where to buy:
IZink: Aladine
Stamps and stencils: Carabelle Studio

Thank you for stopping by today!
Happy crafting!

Monday, 20 October 2014

HAPPY MONDAY Craft Space - Ali

Hello lovely scrappers!

I am going to warn you now - there are a lot of photos in this post :/ Ironically I chose not to do a video as they take so long!! However, when I saw how many photos I had taken I think it would have been quicker for you in the end :D

Still, skim past what doesn't interest you and if you have any questions (or thoughts on how to improve things!) leave me a comment. It has to be said there were twice as many pictures originally but I have since decided that if you've seen inside one drawer you can pretty much guess what the rest are like!! LOL

So? How did I end up here? I started off with a card making kit from Ebay, and then that grew to a tote bag with various glues and glitters. Then I invested in some pretty boxes to house my ever increasing stash and then before I knew it I had taken over one of the bedrooms in our house!!

As you look from the doorway this is the left hand side...

 and this is the right!

Pretty much most things in my craft room are stored in colour order; ROYGBIV plus black, white and kraft. Although very little indigo and violet as I am NOT a purple girl in any way, shape or form! 
These shelves were made by my DH to house all my paper and card.
and Stickles!! They are on a magnetic strip. The jars on the top hold everything from washi to buttons to alcohol inks!
As well as being OCD about colour order I also have to have a place for everything and everything in its place! These drawers from the children's section of Ikea are brilliant for storing allsorts ;)  
If the label says embossing powders, then that's what you'll get!
All of these 28 drawers hold tools of the trade; like inks, paints, silhouette vinyl and o wires as well as dies, glue gun and melting pot. See what I mean? There is nothing you can't store in them; except 12x12 papers!

Underneath the first desk on the left (which is home to my Cricut, my Silhouette and my sewing machine) are a set of drawers. The top two have punches and the bottom one is my 'rainy day' drawer. You know, if I ever run out of photos to scrap then I will have something to do!

Then you swing around to the desk that I sit at to work.
and check this little beauty out; my nifty little desk tidy - also from Ikea, as are the desks. Cheap and cheerful as the tops get replaced once a year due to over zealous misting, inking and painting from my grandchildren :)

Next to my desk are my memory files - in a magazine rack from...you guessed it! 
 And now for my favourite spot in the room; My happy wall :) Fit to burst with wonderful treats that have been sent to me by wonderful lovelies :) You can also see a bit of my beloved Ebay bargain...my old typewriter!

Underneath the happy wall is another 12 drawers and a unit made by DH to hold various bits and bobs that I use regularly; like favourite stamps, inks and paints. The drawers hold embellishments sorted into colour order as well as a drawer for veneer, die cuts, PL 3x4 cards, brads, chipboard letters and card scraps - they are the only scraps I keep now!

the black and white drawer ;)
I find it easy to pull out these drawers and have a rummage! As I say I like to know where everything is but I do have a chuck it in bowl:
an antique pudding bowl that my Nana gave me years ago and is very precious to me and I also have a beautiful Torte box that Sanna sent me (complete with cake!) that I keep all my newest embellishments in so I don't forget them. 
You're on the home straight now! Just the wardrobe to go!!
On the top shelf are boxes of ribbons - yup you see a lot of ribbon on my layouts...NOT!! LOL Next shelf down are Ikea wardrobe tidies - I will show you a bit more of them in a sec. I keep tons in them :) Then we have stamps in the kraft folders (birthday ones in the red folder) and new PL albums. Then current albums - completed ones go in the loft! Then on the bottom shelf are card blanks and A3 card and any old thing that doesn't belong in a drawer ;)

Glitters, 4x6 PL cards and oddments, mists and in the one below all my stickers.
             So easy to pull out!
Lastly, this is how I store my stamps; I laminate the sheet and then punch holes for the ring binders...it works for me except I never know who made them! 
If you made it this far then THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! 

It has been a pleasure to share my space with you all; I have loved seeing where everyone else works and how they store their stash. Needless to say there have been one or two changes since these photos were taken; but that is what it's all about isn't it? Sharing our passion of scrapping and hoarding ;)

Ali (Ed) x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

November Sketch Challenge, day 2

Hello lovely scrappers.
Here we are with day two of glorious inspiration from our design team - do take a look at yesterday's 'pink' post if you missed it!!

We love this month's sketch; so many possibilities! Pick a couple of elements or use the lot...your choice :)

Our fabulous friends at Mixed Media Place have rustled up a doozy of a prize this month...

and as for our designers....well they have turned up trumps again!!!


Ali (yes I decided to play again!!)

Thank you all so much for calling in to see us today :) Hope to see you again soon!

Happy Scrapping,

Ali(Ed), Agnieszka (DT Co-Ordinator), Annette, Sandra and Jennifer xx

Friday, 17 October 2014

Happy New Sketch Day!

Hello lovely scrappers!
How lovely to see you here for the reveal of our NOVEMBER sketch challenge!

what do you think? Tons of potential?? We think so! AND we think you are going to love this month's prize from our very good friends at Mixed Media Place.

Scrumptious! Thank you Finnabair :) 

Right, so you've seen the sketch, you know what you could win, want to see some delicious inspiration? Then let's go!!


Gorgeous work, as always from our fabulous design team, without realising it they decided to have a pink month!! LOL Even more inspiration tomorrow from the rest of the team, although I cannot promise you pink!!!

Looking forward to seeing what you do with our sketch. Thank you so much for popping in today.

Happy Scrapping,

Ali (Ed), Agnieszka (DT Co-Ordinator), Jasmine, Terhi and Kim